Online Membership application

Membership in the STS requires a bank account in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) because membership fees will be collected automatically via a recurring direct debit transfer on April 1st each year (in case of a holiday, fees will be collected the next working day). Filling out this form and submitting the data will generate a SEPA direct debit mandate. You will recieve an email with the personalized mandate attached as a PDF file.

The mandate needs to be completed and signed, and the original document (no copy, no fax, no pdf) has to be sent via postal mail to the specified address.

PLEASE NOTE: This process will take time! Thus, last-minute registration for the STS membership shortly before an annual STS meeting may lead to activation of your STS membership only after the deadline of the STS meeting registration. In this case, you will be able to access the STS membership conditions for your STS meeting registration only in the following year.

If you do not have a SEPA-capable bank account, please contact Detlef Neumann for payment details before attempting to use this form.

Privacy policy for membership in the STS e.V.

The STS collects, processes, stores and uses your data (name, address, date of birth, title, bank details) exclusively to fulfill the aims of the association as reported in the STS's statutes and to support the membership administration. In the case you have provided an e-mail address, the internal communication will be carried out electronically as far as possible and you will receive updates on the STS's activities as well as requests and information from other STS members via the STS's mailing list. We do not pass on your data to third parties. You have the right to get informed about your stored data upon individual request. You can veto the use of your data at any time using the contact details provided below. After termination of your membership, the data will be deleted in compliance with the legal retention periods.

User Account Details

To be able to login to the STS Web-Frontend, you will need account credentials, for this application this is the combination of a username and a password. You can change both later if required. After creating the account succeded, we will send you an e-mail containing an activiation token and instructions on how to use it.

Six to 25 characters, capitalization matters! Letters, digits, the underscore, dot and hyphen are accepted.

Six or more characters, capitalization matters! Use at least one digit or special character.

Personal Details

Only additional or optional addressing data such as building names, sub-department name, internal maildrop designations &ct. should be entered here.

This is the primary address entry and should contain the street name/number or a PO box.

Zip and City

Postal code


City or Town

Please use international notation without leding zero in the area code and indicate an extension with a minus-sign.
Example: +49 30 9999-99 (Berlin, Germany)

Please use international notation without leding zero in the area code and indicate an extension with a minus-sign.
Example: +49 30 9999-99 (Berlin, Germany)

Fees and Type of Membership

The annual membership fee is currently set at EUR 45 (25) for academic (student) members and EUR 125 for company memberships. Membership fees will be collected automatically by direct debit transfer via SEPA on April 1st of each year (in case of a holiday, fees will be collected the next working day). A corresponding personalized Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) direct debit mandate is generated during the online application process. It needs to be printed, completed and signed. The original document (no copy, no fax, no pdf) must be returned to the STS to complete the application process.

Academic (student) Membership

Corporate Membership

Please note: You can apply only for one type of membership und your choice must resemble your status correctly. If you are employed at a company, you must apply for a corporate membership. Any questions about this topic can be answered by Detlef Neumann.

SEPA Direct Debit Data

Charge Notice

Any bank charges that result from a return of a SEPA direct debit (due to e.g. wrong or non-existing accounts, insufficient account balance or cancellation) will be invoiced to the responsible member. The STS as a society cannot bear the monetary burden resulting from members entering wrong account details or failing to keep them up-to-date.

I have read the bank charge notice and accept the aforementioned conditions.

Full name of the account owner

International Bank Account Number

SWIFT address / Bank Identifier Code

I wish to receive the SEPA Mandate PDF in:


German (Deutsch)

Send Application Data

I hereby apply for a memberhip in the Signal Transduction Society (STS) and declare that all data submitted for processing is correct to best of my knowledge.



Enter at least your first and last name.

If you encounter any problems when attempting to join STS online, please contact Philipp Busse by mail.